Despite the efforts of the whole Oil&Gas industry when hundreds of safety regulations are in place, all systems are several times redundant and personnel come highly trained, people still face extremes daily so emergencies happen fairly regularly with various degree of harm done both to staff and environment. In these conditions, It came up with absolutely specific branch of training - Offshore Emergency Response Training in Chennai which would provide management personnel with clear protocol of actions in case of emergencies on the offshore installation so as to minimize the aftermath of the crisis.

In course of the exam 3 or 4 scenarios are simulated including a combination of incidents like injured personnel or casualties, man overboard, mass panic, environmental disaster, loss of positioning, quickly aggravating situation leading to information overload.


Course Name   : Offshore Courses
Duration           : 1 Day
Assessment      : 1 Theory
Mode of Study : Classroom Training
Examination     : Written Examination