Housekeeping management exposes the student to the management techniques and technical knowledge required to operate the housekeeping function in a modern hotel. Course topics included scheduling, supervision, selection and maintenance of fabrics, furniture and floor coverings , health and safety concerns, and the operation of laundry facilities. This course provides a sound introduction to the heart of the house.

House Keeping plays a major role in up keeping the standards of any Hotel or Institution. House Keeping covers every area in an establishment interiors, maintenance of the premises, furnishing and decor of rooms, flower arrangements and supply of various articles to guest rooms, taking care of laundry and Linen as well as looking after the guest comfort. This department provides specialized training of up keeping premises which depicts the standard of the organization. Skill impairment and technicality in up keeping a place is provided by the Institute and will have innumerable job opportunities.

Job opportunities in House Keeping covers various posts in the department of a Hotel or catering Establishments. Scope of jobs are also in Hostels, Hospitals, Airlines, Guest Houses, Industrial Houses and Commercial Laundries etc. House Keeping being a labour intensive department, the candidate should be ready to put in hard work and have a positive attitude towards work & guests.

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