The Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) Course in Tuticorin is in charge of all Helideck operations starting from routine helicopter operations such as landing, embarkation/disembarkation, loading/unloading and up to emergency response in case of fire or crash. Therefore, the HLO course in Tuticorin is developed and supervised by OPITO in order to provide the all-round training for the offshore personnel assigned to work as Helicopter Landing Officers.

During the course delegates are provided with basic knowledge regarding helicopter safety rules. Upon successful completion of the Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) training students will have acquired necessary skills in visual means of communication to enable them perform their professional duties;

They will also be able to respond initially to the emergency situation on the Helideck whether it is fire or crash and assist in evacuation of passengers and helicopter crew.


Course Name    : Offshore Courses
Duration            : 1 Day
Assessment       : 1 Theory
Mode of Study  : Classroom Training
Examination      : Written Examination