This Certificate course in Food Production is designed to prepare students to effectively work in various types of kitchens and trains them to become qualified personnel for the hospitality industry. Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into food or of food into other forms. The food production industry is a growing field and bursting with job opportunities that are well-paid, rewarding, interesting, diverse, and exciting.

Food being the most essential of human needs makes the Food Production department the heart of hoteliering and catering. Food Production is preparation of various food items. Due to the globalization, the department now is not just concerned with regional cuisines but now involves the cuisines of the whole world. Cooking is a Combination of art and science. Science plays an important role in understanding the nutrients present in the food and helps in providing a balanced and nutritious diet.

Art represents the skill of preparing and presenting a dish. Food production, being skill oriented has lot of scope and opportunities in the industry. Scarcity of skilled personnel is fulfilled in various levels of kitchen. Executive Chef, sous Chef, chef-de-parties, commis, apprentices are the various portfolios which a student can be absorbed in years ahead. Hence a student who possess the required skill and knowledge will be chosen and given preference. Above all they have ample scope in other catering establishments also, like railways, hospitals, industrial canteen, Airlines etc.

Institute provided theoretical and practical knowledge, which is imparted through extensive training on a regular basis. Thus a person having the skill will always have better opportunities than others and will earn to fulfill his desires.

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