This Certificate course in Food Production is designed to prepare students to effectively work in various types of kitchens and trains them to become qualified personnel for the hospitality industry. Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into food or of food into other forms. The food production industry is a growing field and bursting with job opportunities that are well-paid, rewarding, interesting, diverse, and exciting.

Food and Beverage Service department plays a Major role in Hotel and Catering Industry. It is the major revenue producing department of any catering establishment. The number of employees in this department are quite large. It requires extensive planning and considerable amount of skill in organizing functions. The people working in this department in various positions enjoy high scale of salaries and tips.

There are various outlets in which they can be absorbed like Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, Fast Food Joints. Discotheques, Banquets etc. Apart from Hotel Industry, A people of this trade can he absorbed in, Airlines, Corporate Guest Houses, Tourist Bungalows, etc. This provides wide range of job opportunities in the country and abroad which in turn ensures good salaries and bright future. Good opportunities as mentioned above are in store. The course content includes communication skill, hygienic food handling, banquets, buffets, etc. Guest satisfaction is the prime objective and thus opportunities will automatically knock the door in service industry.

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