Institute of Industrial and Marine Safety is a well known Corporate Training Providing Firm that provides all kind of Trainings those are essential for the Employees and Workers working in Corporate companies and Industries, College Students in highy professional manner by our Safety Specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience in performance.

We deliver a broad range of Health and Safety Trainings that help creating valuable relationships between our clients, their customers, employees and students.

List of Corporate Trainings

CPR ( Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation ) and First Aid

The Importance of CPR and First Aid Certification. Being trained in CPR and first aid can be invaluable when someone is in serious medical distress. These techniques can help save someone who has suffered a heart attack, a near-drowning accident or any number of other emergency situations. IIMS provides in depth Training with demonstration on CPR and First Aid Training by our Sepcialised Trainers. Learning Outcomes of CPR and First Aid Training: The one who receives CPR, First Aid Training will be able to,
  1. Performing CPR when a co worker or a family member or a friend is injured.
  2. Identify proper procedures for a variety of medical emergencies

Emergency Evacuation Drills

The Importance of conducting Emergency Evacuation drills is to practice the Employees / Workers / Students on how to Evacuate the permises / Industry, so that the total Damage / fatalities shall be minimise in case of Emergencies. Emergency Evacuation drills are also essential to teach  the Employees / Workers / students on how to react in case of any Emergency.

IIMS is one of the experts in Training and demonstrating how to conduct Emergency Evacuation drills in any Offices / Industries / Colleges or any other permises handled by qualified Safety specialists.

Learning Outcomes – Emergency Evacuation Drills:

  1. Recognize benefits and importance of an Emergency Evacuation Plan.
  2. Identify location and details of elements of Fire Protection Plan.

Electrical High Voltage Safety

Electrical high voltage Safety is one of the vital part in Industrial Safety as Electrical Hazards are holds high  percentage fatalities statistics in most of the Industries as it involves Electrical Shock, Arc flash  and other high risk Hazards.

IIMS has Training Specialists who have wide knowledge in eloborating about Electrical Safety including its high importance, Electrical Hazard Identificaiton, Control Mesaures and how to prevent Electrical Hazards in highly professional approach.

            Learning Outcomes – Electrical High voltage Safety:

  1. Electricity – Basic Science
  2. State the hazards and physical effects of the hazards of electricity

Working At Height

Working at height is the reason for most of the Occupational Fatalities in the globe as it requires workers to go to an elevated area for the works. It is essential to have knowledge on all the hazards, Risk Factors related to Work at height in work place by all the workers and employees.

IIMS provides well eloborated Training with necessary demonstrations on Work at height safety which includes the following essential topics in a professional manner.

            Learning Outcomes – Working at Height Safety

  1. Identify the regulations and standards that focus on preventing fall related incidents applicable to working at heights.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to identify potential risks when working at heights and measures to prevent and control them.

Tool Box Talk

Tool box Talk is the basic of any Organisation’s Occupational Health and safety Management System. It is one of the easiest and practical ways to educate and to emphasis particular hazards of any worker / employees to get aware of the Hazards existing in their daily Jobs which minimises the Incidents obviously.

IIMS has experts in Demonstrating the importance, methods and about various contents of Tool Box Talks and how to conduct them efffectively. The following would be the learning outcomes of a Training on ‘ How to Conduct Tool Box Talks’

            Learning Outcomes – Tool Box Talk:

  1. What is Tool Box Talk
  2. How to form a basic structure of a Tool Box Talk.

Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety plays a vital role in over all Occupational Health and Safety Management system in any organisation especially in the Checmical industries and other inductries those have Chemicals as a major part in their overall process. Chemicals do present in all the work permises regardless of their concentration, frequency of usage and quantity.

IIMS provides professional Training with clear information, statistics on Chemical Safety, conducted by secialised Safety professional. The following portions would be focussed in the Chemical Safety Training.

            Learning Outsomes – Chemical safety:

  1. Recognize chemical hazards commonly encountered in the field
  2. Explain warning properties of various chemical hazards

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus ( SCBA )

SCBA is one of the widely used Breathing apparatus in most of the Chemical Industries and other industries where ever Oxygen dificiency / Onshore, Offshore activities or Toxic Substances of Confined space present in any industry. SCBA Training is mandatory for who ever has to don it in any situations else it would make the emergency situations more serious.

IIMS team are equipped and experts in emonstrating and eloborating donning of SCBA, Classifications of SCBA, Do’s and Don’ts after donning SCBA.

     Learning Outcomes – Self Contained Breathing Apparatus:

  1. Necessity of Breathing apparatus
  2. Why SCBA?

Confined Space

Confined Spaces are highly danagerous places where entering / working itself is highly danagerous and so taking precautions and making the work forces aware about the Safety precautions to be taken in the Confined Spaces are highly important for any industry as Confined Space exists in each and every industries.

     Learning Outcomes – Confined Space

  1. What is Confined Space – Overview
  2. Types of Hazards in Confined Space

Fire Fighting

The importance of learning basic Fire Fighting will be quite useful for any Corporate companies / any Schools / Colleges or any Industries as it is mandatory for handling the Emergency Events such as Fire.

IIMS provides highly professional theoratical Training with practical demonstration on how to react in case of Fire and how to Extinguish Fire with appropriate Fire Extinguishers. Basic Fire concept, Types and classifications will be explained in depth and demonstrated by highly qualified Fire and Safety Specialists.

Learning Outcomes – Fire Fighting

  1. Basic Fire Science / Concept.
  2. Understand the combustion process and different fire classes

Risk Assessment / HIRA

Risk Assessment is the back bone of Health and Safety Management System in any Industry / Corporate Companies or other Work Places. It is mandatory for each and every Employee / Worker to assess his own work place before he / she starts his work every day and its responsibility of Employer to teach their Employees on how to assess Risks.

IIMS Provides high quality Training on how to conduct Risk Assessment and Risk based Management System formation in their own work place. Our Training is a comprehensive package with all Risk Assessment related techniques.

Learning Outcomes – Risk Assessment / HIRA:

  1. Understand that behind each fatality or serious injury there are thousands of at-risk behaviors and unidentified hazards that contributed to the incident.
  2. State the definition of a hazard and explain how to identify hazards in the workplace.
  3. Determine methods for controlling hazards in the workplace. Complete a complete Risk Assessment for a typical dairy worker task.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling is one of the Hazardous tasks happeing in almost each and every Industries / companies / Schools and Colleges and other permises and it has been one of the wide reasons for creating Acute and chronic Health effects on the Workers and other employees.

IIMS provides comprehensive professional Training on Manual Handling with appropriate demonstrations and clear, pictorial explanations which would be easy to understand effectively and for further implication in your daily Manual activities in the work places.

            Learning Outcomes – Manual Handling:

  1. What is Manual Handling
  2. What are the diseses related to Manual Handling ( Acute and Chronic )



Vehicle / moving equipments related accidents are one of the biggest head ache for any Organisation / management as they are more in frequent wth high severity and consequences. Providing well trained banksman is one of the effective ways to reduce the risks related to the movement of Vehicles or equipment and the incidents related to it.

IIMS has experts who provide eloborated Training to the banksmen and make them well aware on how to control the movement of any vehicles / moving equipments.

 Learning Outcomes – Banksman

  1. Purpose for Banksman
  2. Who can be nominated as Banksman
  3. What are the Signals and its meanings
  4. Do’s and don’t by a Banksman

Incident Investigation

Even though high management involvement, workers and employee’s parts are effectively existing in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Incidents are the scales to measure the level of compliance to Health and safety Management System in the organisations and the level of Safety Culture present in the Organisation / Work Place. The ultimate goal of any Occupational Health and Safety Management system is to prevent Incidents those are causing Harm to work force / Property damages / illness and other Enironmental related pollution and diseases.

IIMS provides comprehensive detailed training on how to conduct a complete Incident Investigation with the following titles explained with adequate materials:

            Learning Outcomes – Incident Investigation:

  1. What is Incident?
  2. How to form an Incident Team?

Scaffolding Inspection

Scaffolds are the major part of most of the Work at heights. Most probably the incidents related to Work at height incidents are happening in the presence / due to the absence of Scaffolds.

IIMS has competent faculties who are providing eloborated comprehensive trainings on Erecting, Dismantling Scaffolds and major Hazards, Incidents related to Scaffolds. The following are the major Elements involved in the Scaffolding Inspection Training:

     Learning Outcomes – Scaffolding Inspection:

  1. Scaffolding Parts
  2. Safe Methods to erecting and dismantling Scaffolds

General Induction

Inductions is mandatory to be explained for any worker / employee /  Visitor / Vendors to enter any industry before entering the Permises. Absence of Safety induction will cause for many incidents regardless of severity / frequency.

IIMS Safety Specialists are expertised in well eloborating how to conduct Safety induction with the comprehensive details on the contents of Safety induction.

     Learning Outcomes – Safety Induction:

Importance of Safety Induction

  1. Organising Safety Induction / Methodology


Housekeeping is one of the core and important things to be taught to each and every staff and workers of any corporate companies, and other industries like Construction / manufacturing / college students etc as it would cause more frequent incidents in the work place.

IIMS is the best Institute in the city teaching / demonstrating major topics such as Housekeeping for Corporate companies and other Industries in simple way of teaching.

Learning Outcomes – Housekeeping:

  1. Basic Techniques of Housekeeping
  2. Importance of maintaining Housekeeping